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William Thompson


William Thompson

Distribution Consultant

William Thompson has been in the theatrical film business for the last 44 years, working in both exhibition and distribution. 

Starting with Twentieth-Century Fox in the Washington, DC branch., he came to New York in 1978 to work for Don Rugoff at Cinema 5 Distribution. When Ralph Donnelly and RKO acquired Cinema 5  the following year, Thompson switched to the film buying side and remained there throughout the 1980’s, working for Walter Reade , Cineplex Odeon and City Cinemas.

In the 1990’s, he worked mainly in distribution, with stints at Miramax, Gramercy, Lot 47 and four companies with Bob Berney- Newmarket, Picturehouse, Apparition and Film District.

For the last six years, Thompson has been SVP of Distribution and Exhibition at Cohen Media Group.

Currently, Thompson is working as head of Thompson Film Consulting, with clients Cohen Media and Electric Entertainment.

Thompson served for many years on the board of the Showeast Convention, who installed him in their Hall of Fame last year.

He has also been active in the Motion Picture Club and Variety-The Children’s Charity.

For many years, he also taught a well-regarded class on the film business at New York University.