Electric Entertainment

Steve Saltman

Steve saltman

Head of Domestic Sales

Steve Saltman has more than 30 years of experience in entertainment specializing primarily in television and digital distribution as a key executive in sales, legal and business affairs, acquisitions, and development. 

Before joining Electric Entertainment, Steve was the SVP of Worldwide Television & New Media at Image Entertainment, the VP of TV & New Media at Blockbuster, the President of Ablaze Entertainment, the President of Sponsorship & Events at Western International Media, the SVP of Acquisitions/Development/Sales at Genesis Entertainment, and the Assistant General Counsel and Syndicated Sales rep for MCA TV.  

Steve has worked as a consultant with companies needing assistance, guidance and actual hands-on US distribution for television/ digital media and other mediums.  His key clients include the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Bounce TV, Albatross Worldwide, Green Apple Entertainment, Nordic World and New World Distribution.  In addition to licensing existing programs, he also handles co-production/ development opportunities and the licensing of format rights.