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Mark Franco

Mark Franco

VFX Producer/Head of EFX Post

Mark Franco’s career in visual and special effects spans over thirty years. During this time he has worked on iconic epic features including global blockbusters “Titanic” and “Independence Day.”

Franco’s additional credits include such special-effects driven features as “Armageddon,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “The Patriot,” “Vanilla Sky,” “Batman Forever,” “Batman & Robin,” and many more.

In 2004, Franco and acclaimed producer Dean Devlin established Electric FX (EFX), a sub-division of Devlin’s Electric Entertainment. EFX is the company’s in-house effects arm, which allows filmmakers to stretch their dollars beyond the boundaries set by traditional effects budgets. The Rob Minkoff directed film “Flypaper” and the 2011 CBS pilot “Scent of the Missing” are only a few of the amazing creative collaborations Mark Franco has worked on.