Screening Schedule of “The Wannabe” starring Patricia Arquette



Inspired by true events, The Wannabe is the story of a man obsessed with Mafia culture as he attempts to become a part of this lifestyle by fixing the 1992 trial of infamous mobster John Gotti and going on a crime spree of his own.








Watch the trailer HERE.


Early Screenings

Sedona, AZ – Mary D. Fisher Theater (Dec 2)

Portland, OR – Clinton Street Theater (Dec 3)

Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center (Dec 3-6)

Opening December 3

Los Angeles, CA – Arena Cinema

Philadelphia, PA – Roxy Theater – Philadelphia Film Society

Opening December 4

New York, NY – AMC Empire 24

Atlanta, GA – AMC North Dekalb Mall 16

Boston, MA – AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20

Chicago, IL – AMC South Barrington 30

Denver, CO – AMC Westminster Promenade 24

Detroit, MI – AMC Southfield 20

Kansas City, MO – AMC Independence 20

Phoenix, AZ – AMC Deer Valley 17

Tampa, FL – AMC Veterans Expressway 24

Toronto, ON – Carlton Cinema

Calgary, AB – The Globe Cinema

Opening December 18

Ottawa, ON – Mayfair Theater

Available everywhere on digital and On Demand December 4