‘Fear, Inc.’ Poster is Making a Killing

Fear, Inc., a new horror-comedy from writer Luke Barnett and director Vincent Masciale, is set for release on VOD, October 21.

Fear, Inc. concerns a company that, for a high price, will bring a customer’s greatest fears to life. When a horror junkie’s customized experience begins, he and his friends must determine whether or not the company’s team of degenerates are merely fulfilling the contract, or have a darker agenda.

Abigail Breslin – a genre veteran who has starred in Signs, Zombieland, The Call and Maggie – is featured with Lucas Neff (Raising Hope), Caitlin Stasey (All Cheerleaders Die, CW’s Reign), Chris Marquette (Freddy vs Jason, Alpha Dog), Stephanie Drake (Mad Men), Mark Moses, Eric Lange (Lost, Nightcrawler), Leslie Jordan (American Horror Story, Will&Grace), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Ronnie Gene Blevins (The Dark Knight Rises, True Detective), Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede I&II), Patrick Renna (The Sandlot), Richard Riehle (Office Space), David Ury (31, Breaking Bad).

When horror movie enthusiast Joe Foster (Lucas Neff) and his girlfriend, Lindsey Gains (Caitlin Stasey), are handed a business card for such a company, Joe’s curiosity gets the best of him. As the Fear, Inc experience seemingly begins, scares start popping up right out of Joe’s favorite horror movies, quickly turning him into a kid in a candy store. If the kid was a self righteous thirty year old and the candy store was the prop room from SAW. After a friend explains the company’s dangerous reputation, his rollercoaster of a journey goes from light hearted fun to uncomfortably realistic as things take a major turn for the worse. Joe’s sense of reality spirals out of control as he’s forced to take responsibility for his actions, no matter the cost.

Check out this previous released clip from the opening scene that features Breslin on the run from someone…probably Fear, Inc.?


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