Electric Post

Electric Post is the cutting edge post-production entity of Dean Devlin’s Electric Entertainment. Handling everything from dailies to finished product in one location allows the filmmaker to put a superior product on the screen.

Devlin has always been at the forefront of new technologies. His idea to develop this “more-for-less” strategy is no different. The future of production and post-production includes embracing the ways of our big studio predecessors when, back in the day, everything was done under one roof. This allows not only huge time savings but really opens the lines of communication and creative collaboration.

Partnering with forward thinking companies including RED Digital Cinema and Apple back in 2008, Electric pioneered the tapeless workflow with the first digitally delivered television show “Leverage” for TNT.


                                                     VFX                                                  SOUND                                             FINISHING


Photographed by Lana Wolverton.